Vanessa White Sexy and Fappening (5 Photos)

Sexy and Fappening photos of Vanessa White.

Vanessa Karen White – British singer and songwriter, lead singer of girl group The Saturdays. Vanessa – the youngest singer of the group, which has at the same time the most powerful vocals. For a wide vocal range colleagues nicknamed “our Christina Aguilera.” It was also compared with the American singer Alicia Keys, Beyonce and Mariah Carey. Originally a member of the White and Una Healy were different ways, because they believed that it is very similar to each other. However, Vanessa was able to fall in love and the other band members. In June-July 2009, Vanessa participated in the tour by the United Kingdom with The Saturdays (The Work Tourruen). Shortly before going on stage during the second show of the tour in Dundee, White stumbled on the cables behind the curtain and tore ligaments in the ankle, because of which missed most of the show that night. After paramedics bandaged leg, Vanessa was allowed to join the group on the stage in a wheelchair. For a long time during the tour White appeared before sitting on a bar stool, than again fully able to act in terms of choreography. White was the only member of the group, performs solo parts in all the songs from the debut album Chasing Lights. Together with other members of the group became the author of White track «Deeper» from the second album Wordshaker. The track was recorded during a two-day studio session. Vanessa is also a co-author of some songs. For example, the song, the b-side «Unofficial», was written by Vanessa in adolescence, and was originally called «Artificial Love». White participated in the recording of the track «Swagger Chick» from the debut album ADHDruen MC Master Shortie. The album was released on 27 July 2009. In January 2010, Vanessa has participated in the first season of the reality show ITV «Popstar to Operastarruen». January 22 she dropped out of the show, becoming the second party out of the question. In 2013, she participated in the recording of the song Vince Kidd «The Zoo»; music video appeared on YouTube April 20, 2013. she released her first solo track «Relationship Goals» September 21, 2015. The song became Track solo album, Vanessa plans to record in 2016. she released her second solo single, «Do not Want to Be Your Lover» November 13, 2015. On the same day the song was released a music video. January 7, 2016 Vanessa released the single «Nostalgia», and said that this single and two previous will be included in her debut mini-album Chapter One. Since 2012, Vanessa meets with a male stylist Gary Salter.


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