Vanessa Hudgens Sexy and Fappening (68 Photos)

Vanessa Hudgens Sexy and Fappening (68 Photos)

Vanessa Anne Hudgens; b. December 14, 1988, Salinas, California – American actress and singer. Born in the family of Gina and Greg Hudgens. The mother Vanessa Filipino, Chinese and Spanish roots, and his father – Irish Indian-American descent . With 8 years involved in musical theater productions, and therefore the program of high school she studied at home. Later the family moved to Los Angeles after Vanessa successfully auditioned to participate in a television commercial. After that, she starred in the show and the television series “Five Twins», Cover Me, Still Standing, etc. The first movie with her participation -. “Thirteen” (2003) and the Thunderbirds (2004) – were not very successful at the box office. Widespread fame brought Vanessa main role of Gabriella Montez in “High School Musical” (2006). Hudgens previously starred in commercials swimsuits for the same company in 2005. Then, Vanessa went on to star for the “Disney” channel and start singing career: a debut album titled «V» was released in the first half of September 2006. She signed a contract with “Hollywood Records” record label – the property of “Disney”. In August 2007 at the Teen Choice Awards Hudgens was named “the best singer-rookie.” Her younger sister Stella is also an actress. In 2007, in the October issue of Teen Hudgens confirmed that the meeting with his counterpart in the film “High School Musical” Zac Efron. However, in late 2010, they parted. In 2011, Vanessa began dating co-star “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” Josh Hutcherson. Since September 2011 meeting with Austin Butler. September 6, 2007 the scandalous nude photos of Hudgens hit the Internet. She later apologized for them. A spokesman for Disney Channel said the film company will continue to work with the actress. However, August 6, 2009 on the network, new Hudgens nude photos made it to the mobile phone. In June 2010, in an interview with US magazine Glamour Vanessa Hudgens admitted that she still suffers from the photo scandal that broke out in 2007 and 2009.


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