Tulisa Contostavlos Sexy and Fappening (30 Photos)

Sexy and Fappening photos of Tulisa Contostavlos.
Tula Paulina “Tulisov” Kontostavlos, also known simply as Tulisov (born July 13, 1988, London.) – British singer, member of the hip-hop group N-Dubz. Known as the judge of the 8th and the 9th season of the British talent show The X Factor, which she won with his ward group Little Mix. November 26, 2012 released her debut album The Female Boss, who reached the UK charts UK Albums Chart only 35 th place with a low number of sales. In March 2013 Tulisov began work on a new album. She held talks with Kanye West on producing the upcoming second album and writing a few songs. February 22, 2013 it became known that Kontostavlos participate in the tenth season of The X Factor in question. After months of hesitation, she confirmed that she was leaving the show after two seasons. As a result, it was replaced by a judge of the original composition, Sharon Osbourne.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tulisasinstagram/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/officialtulisa

tulisa-contostavlos-sexy-fappening-1 tulisa-contostavlos-sexy-fappening-2 tulisa-contostavlos-sexy-fappening-3 tulisa-contostavlos-sexy-fappening-4 tulisa-contostavlos-sexy-fappening-5 tulisa-contostavlos-sexy-fappening-6 tulisa-contostavlos-sexy-fappening-7 tulisa-contostavlos-sexy-fappening-8 tulisa-contostavlos-sexy-fappening-9 tulisa-contostavlos-sexy-fappening-10 tulisa-contostavlos-sexy-fappening-11 tulisa-contostavlos-sexy-fappening-12 tulisa-contostavlos-sexy-fappening-13 tulisa-contostavlos-sexy-fappening-14 tulisa-contostavlos-sexy-fappening-15 tulisa-contostavlos-sexy-fappening-16 tulisa-contostavlos-sexy-fappening-17 tulisa-contostavlos-sexy-fappening-18 tulisa-contostavlos-sexy-fappening-19 tulisa-contostavlos-sexy-fappening-20 tulisa-contostavlos-sexy-fappening-21 tulisa-contostavlos-sexy-fappening-22 tulisa-contostavlos-sexy-fappening-23 tulisa-contostavlos-sexy-fappening-24 tulisa-contostavlos-sexy-fappening-25 tulisa-contostavlos-sexy-fappening-26 tulisa-contostavlos-sexy-fappening-27 tulisa-contostavlos-sexy-fappening-28 tulisa-contostavlos-sexy-fappening-29 tulisa-contostavlos-sexy-fappening-30

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