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Tanya Burr (born June 9, 1989) is a fashion and beauty bloggers and YouTubers. He never used pixi2woo channel on YouTube, but no longer use this name and now only use the full name Tanya Burr. After leaving school, Burr completed courses make-up of short and started working in the beauty counters in shopping centers Jarrolds in Norwich city center which includes Laura Mercier and Clinique, where he gained experience in working in the industry kecantikan.Pada October 2009 he created a YouTube channel where he began uploading regular make-up tutorials and step-by-step guide to creating a recognizable face and make-up looks. Film Burr transporting and video collaboration with other YouTube users, while regularly vlogging to give the audience an insight into the daily lives and update his blog After two years, Burr left her job to focus full attention to him for the success of the channel growth and beauty blog , using social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to increase profilnya.Pada January 15, 2014, 19:00 GMT (02:00 GMT) she has acquired 1,726,725 subscribers to its main channels – Tanya has 1 million subscribers on July 5, 2013 – and got more than 5 million video views per month, with a combined saw the figure of 70,673,737 for the video. Tanya Burr also has followers in Twitter (467.145 followers) and Instagram (594.163). Her fiancé, Jim Chapman, also has more than one million pelanggan.Burr attend London Fashion Week each season, has become the judging panel for the awards beauty ELLE and write to Grazia Magazine. Burr also appear on a new YouTube channel to beauty and makeover called DailyMix alongside other popular YouTubers in the UK managed by Gleam Futures.Pada January 30, 2014 Tanya launched her first beauty collection of lip gloss and nail polish, and is available at Superdrug to buy it.
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