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Stephanie Corneliussen (born 28 April 1987 in Copenhagen, Denmark) is a Danish television and film actress and a model. Corneliussen, who was born in Copenhagen, visited the Johannesskolen in Frederiksberg and took a ballet lesson. She holds a degree in graphic design. As a model she was first casted at the age of 13 years. Since 2011 she lives mainly in Los Angeles. Corneliussen graced as a white nun the promotionsplakate and cover of the American television series American Horror Story: Asylum. Her most popular role in the German-speaking world is the role of Joanna Wellick, who plays her as the main role in the TV series Mr.Robot, in season 1 as a secondary role from the second season onwards. In addition, she was cast as a recurring actress of Valentina Vostok in the The CW series DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Stephanie Corneliussen in the Internet Movie Database.
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