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Stanija a Serb born 17 March 1985 in Croatia who lives in America. Her father was an economist and politician, a man of a special authority and reputation, which was ’95. , due to the familiar political situation, lost his life. Stanijina Slavica mother was forced to her and her brother Sani away from everything, and taking them to Serbia, a small town Ruma alone to educate and raise their children, they were both exemplary children and excellent students, now academic citizens, Sani graduated Veterinary while Stanija started in his father’s footsteps and ended the state Faculty of Economics in Novi Sad. Stanijino greatest wealth was a Croatian passport, with which it is already time for high school traveled almost the whole of Europe, and then she wanted the “whole world”! For the second year in college proviso that already in predrok just to achieve your greatest dream – to go to America! The Adventure is printed with thousands of our students to “Work & Travel” program which was filled with work, training of languages and travel. This extensive experience has enabled her to get to know your strength, which has proven its return, self-confident, more independent and more organized. Her first job in America was Blekdzek Haras dealer in the casino, whose spokesperson was the first “Blackjack Baby” from 2008, and the job she was a “springboard” for further successes. Today he works at the organization sending students in USA transferring them his personal experience.
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