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Sophie Victoria Reade(born May 18, 1989 in Cheshire County, England) won the tenth season of Big Brother UK on September 4, 2009. Likewise, the Playboy glamor model has appeared in Hot Shots Calendar. Reader won the tenth season of Big Brother in the United Kingdom, surpassing the runner-up of Siavash. Reader was declared the winner of the show at host Davina mccall. He garnered the highest percentage of winner votes in either Big Brother UK Series to beat the fifth season record-winner Nadia almada, having received 74.4 percent of the final vote. Reader changed her name into the subject of the survey, for Dogface, to become the house-mate during the first week of publication. On day 33 of Big Brother she said she reed had to shut up until 2 o’clock in the evening as punishment for the debate of the candidacies; She could not shut up, and therefore, they faced the public by voting. Reader had a sentimental relationship with Chris in the house. On the day of 39, and Siavash were sanctioned by the Big Brother to talk about the nominations, and they told me that they did not take the oath of allegiance before 3 hours; Both failed and faced the expulsion. On the Day of 72, as a special prize, Dogface (reader) legally changed her name to sophie. Just like the Day of 88, sophie has been the favorite of bookmakers to win. She had left the house to the huge greetings and live the crowd singing her name.
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