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Sophie Charlene Akland Monk, b. December 14, 1979, England – Australian pop singer, actress and model. There was a party of female pop group Bardot, beginning a solo career, releasing the album «Calendar Girl». Declared itself, as an actress, appearing in films such as “Date Movie” and “Click: With remote control for life.” Monk was born in England, but when she was little, her parents moved to Australia in Gold Coast, Queensland. She attended Somerset College. and MacGregor State High School, where she participated in the school curriculum CAD (Center of Artistic Development) – Art Development Center. She participated in the show «Popstars». Monk – a vegetarian. Monk went to conquer Hollywood. Almost all of her roles were very small, especially in 2004, she played the role of Marilyn Monroe in the TV movie «The Mystery of Natalie Wood» and was the star of the video for the song «Always» punk band Blink-182. In February 2006 she made her debut in the role of coquette and seducer best man Andy in the comedy-parody “Date Movie.” In June 2006, he was released the movie “Click: With remote control for life”, the story of a universal remote control, where Monk plays a small role flirty secretary Stacy. In 2007 he appeared in one episode of “Entourage” series, starring in the bed scene with the main character Vincent Chase. Also in 2007, Monk played the role of Cynthia Rose in a black humor comedy “Sex and Death 101”. In 2009, he played the role of Alex’s video horror film “Bloodied hills.” During the filming of the movie “London” in 2005 I met with Jason Steytemom. In 2006, he met with actor Jude Law. Later in the same year it changed to Benji Madden (twin brother Joel Madden), guitarist of Good Charlotte. In January 2008 they separated, and in March 2008, Monk had already met with ex-boyfriend of Paris Hilton Alex Barro (former pizza peddler-turned-model). At the moment, I broke up with some plastic surgeon John Diaz.
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