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Sophia Lebedeva was born on December 14, 1993 in Obninsk. Bright asterisk by the name Sophia Lebedev, recently broke out in the domestic film Olympus, was born in the frosty December 1993 in Obninsk. This city is called the first Russian science city. Sophia’s father – a scientist. It is known that a scientist has been and grandmother Sophia Lebedeva – known Obninsk shrub Stefania Kudryavtseva. In the garden near the school, where she studied granddaughter grew apple trees planted by his grandmother. I think it was such a fate – the continuation of dynastic tradition in the field of science – has been prepared for and girl. Sophia Lebedev really enviable ease gnawed granite science, bringing to school high marks. But at the same time, the girl grew and diversified, that is remarkable, creative child. She was pleased to visit the sports schools, where for 10 years engaged in artistic gymnastics. In this sport Lebedev reached the championship title in his native Kaluga region. And yet she danced perfectly. This she learned in choreographic school under the guidance of a talented coach Galina Barbarykinoy. But the main and favorite hobby Sofia Lebedeva from early youth was the theater. The girl visited “Obninsk experimental theater-studio DEMI”, which was led by a talented teacher Oleg Demidov. The young actress and now considers him as his godfather in the theater arts. After graduating from high school at the insistence of parents Sophia Lebedev carried documents in Moscow State University, Faculty of selecting a very serious name – global processes. But in case it will fail, Sophia filed documents in another university – the theater. I chose the famous Moscow Art Theatre School. Lebedev was held at both universities. And when the moment of truth and time to be determined which way to go on, Sophia chose art. At the end of the theater of the university, where she studied under the Sophia Igor Zolotovitsky, she was admitted to the troupe. Debut performances in which Lebedev acquired the skill demonstrated, have been staging Arkady Kats, “The Lower Depths” and Vladimir Ryzhakova “Gogol Auditor”. Then, budding actress flashed in diploma performances “Khanum” and “Stairway to Heaven” Igor Zolotovitsky. Film biography of Sofia Lebedeva began in 2011 with a cameo role in the detective series “Dusty work.” Probably, the debut of a young actress was very successful, because in 2012, Lebedev was invited to a major role in the short film “insanely beautiful” Rodnyansky. And in 2013 th actress starred once in 4 projects, and in 3 of them – in the title role. This melodrama “Too beautiful wife,” “groom” and “train to the north.” In the latter project, the young actress was lucky to play with such venerable colleagues, Vladimir Gostyukhin, Vladimir Steklov Yuri Kuznetsov. Despite the fact that Sophia Lebedev has played several leading roles, it was waiting for stellar role in 2015. The actress received an offer to star in the project Renata Davletyarova “The Dawns Here Are Quiet …” in the image of Brichkin Lisa. In the novel by Boris Vasilyev Lisa – a girl of strong physique. So Sophie had to recover for a few kilos. And yet – to overcome their fear of water. As a child, she nearly drowned in the river. In the story of Lisa Brichkina sink in the swamp. To realistically remove this tragic time, Sophia had to dive into the black muck and freeze for a few seconds to keep the water on the surface has calmed down. And so – a few takes. However, Sophia Lebedev believes that the filming in Karelia – the happiest in her life. Fear that 4 of 5 actresses who played the main characters will look at a little-known colleague down, was not justified. The girls became friends. And if we add to this wonderful female of months spent in the most beautiful places of Karelia, which is found cloudberries and mushrooms, which quietly splashing in the green banks of the beautiful lakes – it becomes clear why so blue-eyed actress missed that period. Spent efforts were not in vain. After the drama on the screens Lebedev Sophia woke up famous. Now she continues to climb the career ladder and a popular actress and directors recognized colleagues. In 2012th the premiere of the new film, which plays Lebedev. It is called “parallel lines meet at infinity.” Young actress leads a very active life. It manages all: to learn English and French, to play tennis and snowboarding. And yet Sophia continues to engage in rhythmic gymnastics and dance. She was fascinated by the modern choreography and great dancing tango and flamenco. Life Sofia Lebedeva is in the background. A great time and a complete lack of spare time does not allow distractions for a serious relationship. read more