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Slick Woods is on her hand tonight, and it will certainly have fun. Slick Woods is also very attractive: the head is completely zumbada, quarter-inch gap between her front teeth is transfixingly fresh, nails resemble claws drive the Swarovski crystal embellished a little, and his eyes, they were lined up in the ring electric blue. For those who are not familiar with the atom, lively and well-proportioned, Woods woman with many talents, among them rap, modeling and management, all followers Instagram. Personality is the epitome of digital generation of freedom of thought today that “not sure what you’re doing, but I like you,” the appeal of social media and friends. “It is part of the young generation”, – says Uribe. “They do not want to be classified as something, because it brings some expectations and claims.” Woods also has a sense of style and cut effortlessly. She meets with Uribe, dressed in T-shirts Richardson and “suda regular” and shrugs on any questions regarding aesthetics. “Can I ask you a few answers evenly-ass,” says, “My personal style me a little sprinkle a little about me! As if I had not given too much OFF My back !. I’m doing. I’m actually not too many influential people” .
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