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Susan Alexandra Weaver; October 8, 1949, New York, United States, better known as Sigourney Weaver (Sigourney Weaver) – American actress, three times nominated for “Oscar”. The winner of the prize “Golden Globe” and a BAFTA. Debut on the big screen for Sigourney Weaver became a tiny episode in the Woody Allen film “Annie Hall” in 1977. However, two years later, for his role as Lt. Ellen Ripley in Ridley Scott’s sci-fi thriller “Alien,” which appeared on the screens in 1979, the actress has become widely known. Scott and Weaver’s character became a cult film, not only among fans of fantasy genre, but also movie fans in general. Subsequently, Sigourney Weaver starred in three more sequels “Alien”, thus becoming one of the figures zhanroobrazuyuschih sci-fi thriller. Moreover, pursuant to its role as Ellen Ripley in the second “Alien” series has brought her a nomination for the “Oscar” for best actress Weaver at the Toronto Film Festival, 2007. Weaver also was nominated for the prestigious film award for her role as an activist for the protection of animals Dian Fossey in “Gorillas in the Mist” and for his role as bitchy boss in the hit comedy late 1980s, “Working Girl.” Remarkably, Weaver nominated for “Oscar” for the role of one year. In addition, for both films, she received the award “Golden Globe”. In 2006, the actress came three films. The first of these viewers saw in February 2006 at the Berlin Film Festival: the film “Snow Cake,” Weaver played the autistic woman. She also played the role of the powerful TV news program producer in the comedy movie Jake Kezdana “TV” and the role in the film biography of writer Truman Capote’s “Notorious”. In early December 2006 Weaver was shot in New York in the drama “The Girl in the Park.” The film tells the story of a single woman, long since lost his little daughter, and after many years of meeting a similar her on a random girl (Kate Bosworth). The role of a devoted mother who has lost his own gay son in the TV drama “Prayers for Bobby” brought Weaver to the next category “Emmy” and “Golden Globe”. One of the last major roles Weaver in the movie – “Avatar”, “You again,” “Pursuit”, “Cabin in the Woods”, “broad daylight” and “Red Lights”. In 2013, for her role as Secretary of State Elaine Berrish in the miniseries “Political Animals” was 7 times nominated for “Golden Globe” and the 3rd in the “Emmy”. In September 2011, it was confirmed that the actress will take part in the filming of the movie “Avatar 2”, the sequel to the first part. In 1967, temporarily residing in Israel, Weaver became engaged to reporter Aaron Latham, but they very soon parted. In 1983, Sigourney met at the Theatre Festival in Williamstown with director Jim Simpson, and already 1 October 1984 to marry him. Simpson under it for 6 years. The couple have a daughter, Charlotte (b. 1990). After working on the film “Gorillas in the Mist”, Weaver became a supporter of the Fund The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund and is currently its honorary chairman. For his work in the fund, it was awarded the prize of the Explorers Club Club. Weaver is an ardent defender of the environment. In 2013, Weaver criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin’s policies, which he called “real dictator”, and called for the support of the Russian LGBT community and a member of the group “Pussy Riot”
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