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Sibel Kekilli; b. June 16, 1980 – German actress of Turkish origin. He starred in the film-winner of the Berlin International Film Festival “Head On” (2004) directed by Fatih Akin, as well known for her role in the TV series Shai concubines “Game of Thrones.” After graduating from high school, where Sibel was one of the best students (average score 1.7), she went to work in the town hall in Haylbronnskuyu wastewater treatment department. Parallel to this, she earned a living in various ways, working clerk, janitor, cleaner, barmaid, a promoter, a model and acting in pornographic films. In 2002 in Cologne at the mall casting manager I asked her if she does not wish to take part in the selection of actresses for the role in the film directed by Fatih Akin. She agreed, and won the casting around 350 competitors. This was the beginning of one of the most successful careers in film. In the 2002/2003. She spent three weeks in the course of acting, improvisation and stage speech in acting school in Bochum. Immediately after the award of the film “Head-On” at the Berlin International Film Festival in February 2004, the German tabloid Bild magazine under the catchy headlines published materials about the past life Sibel Kekilli, who starred in pornographic films under the pseudonym Dilara. This sparked a wave of discussions, condolences and expressions of solidarity and attracted considerable attention as a new picture, and to continue to participate in the filming of pornographic films Sibel. “It is true, as it always happens: I was young and I needed the money,” the young actress explained in an interview. November 18, 2004 during a ceremony broadcast on television Bambi Award Sibel Kekilli urged Bild magazines and Cologne Express “stop this dirty baiting» ( «diese dreckige Hetzkampagne»). December 2, 2004 The German press council (Deutscher Presserat) decried the publication reportage magazine Bild as the humiliation of human dignity “Public interest can not serve as a cover for a story in which the identity of the person under discussion boils down to is that you can read in the annotations on the covers of cassettes with porn movies. ” In December 2006, Sibel Kekilli took part in the action against domestic violence and held in Berlin (in the Turkish newspaper Hürriyet has acted as the organizer)
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