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Sharon Vonne Stone; b. March 10, 1958, Meadville, Pennsylvania – American actress, producer, and former model. Dame of the French Order of Arts and Letters (1995). Sharon Stone was born and raised in Meadville, Pennsylvania, and in 1975 graduated from high school. Soon she went to college, and in parallel, taking part in a beauty contest, she was awarded a contract with the Ford modeling agency and then went to conquer Paris and Milan. Finished with a career model, Stone moved to New York and soon debuted with a small role in Woody Allen’s “Stardust Memories”, after which, basically, has appeared in episodes of various serials. She also played supporting roles in the films “irreconcilable contradictions”, “King Solomon’s Mines.” Then he plays girlfriends Steven Seagal ( “Above the Law”), Arnold Schwarzenegger ( “Total Recall”), Sylvester Stallone ( “Specialist”). Stone has achieved the most fame for his role in “Basic Instinct” movie. She also played the victim maniac in “Sliver”, and then – the role of frigid wife of Richard Gere’s character in “Crossroads.” For his role in the movie “Casino,” Martin Scorsese, she received the “Golden Globe” and a nomination for “Oscar”. In this film she played the wife of the protagonist, a role which starred Robert De Niro. In the 1984-1987 year, Stone was married to screenwriter and producer Michael Greenburg (Eng.) Russian .. In 1998-2004 Stone was married to the vice president and editor of the newspaper «San Francisco Chronicle» Phil Bronstein (Eng.) Russian .. In the former spouses have adopted son – Roan Joseph Bronstein (rod.22.05.2000). Being divorced, Stone adopted two more boys – Laird Stone Vaughn (rod.07.05.2005) and Quinn Kelly Stone (rod.08.06.2006). Prior to 2000, the first time to become a mother, Stone suffered several miscarriages. Stone suffers from asthma and diabetes. September 29, 2001 she suffered a cerebral hemorrhage. In 2013, in an interview to “Ogonyok” magazine stated that “Contrary to what the say about us, we are not Scientologists. I myself Buddhist. But Scientology is quite close to us in the sense that Scientologists do not use drugs and alcohol. But they do not accept modern medicine, and I accept. ”
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