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Shannon Elizabeth Fadal; September 7, 1973, Houston, Texas, United States, known as Shannon Elizabeth – American actress, former model. It gained popularity after the release of youth comedy “American Pie,” “Scary Movie” and “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.” Also known for his roles in horror films “Thirteen Ghosts”, “Werewolves” and “Night of the Demons.” After performing the role of Nadia Gym shoes in the “American Pie” became widely known as a sex symbol. Elizabeth’s father – a Lebanese-Syrian origin, and her mother is of English, Irish, German and cherokskie roots. Shannon was born in Houston, Texas and raised in Waco. She grew up in poverty. In high school, I was fond of tennis and even thought to do it professionally. Prior to filming a movie she worked as a model. Elizabeth was in a relationship with actor Joseph Reitman (Eng.) For 10 years, including three years of marriage. The couple divorced in March 2005. Elizabeth filed for divorce three months later. After September 11, Shannon recorded a promotional video in which he said: “I’m half-Arab, but I’m 100 per cent American. Everything that happens affects me the same as everyone else. “After elimination from the show Dancing with the Stars in April 2008 Elizabeth began dating Derek Hough (Eng.), His dancing partner on the show. Their relationship ended in August 2009, what they said in their blogs to Twitter. Elizabeth is a cousin of the well-known television journalist Tamsen Fadal. “The Avengers for animals”, a non-profit animal rescue organization founded by Elizabeth and her ex-husband Reitman, is designed to save stray animals and look for a house for them, to reduce the surplus of animals, promote the care of animals and prevent cruelty to pets. Among the many organizations involved in the collection of funds for the needs of “our younger brothers”, stood out the Bodog team that collected more than $ 50,000 for the “Avengers of animals” on the night of October 8, 2005. The event was organized by the tournament director Matt Savage poker. In recent years, Shannon Elizabeth has participated in many activities sponsored by Bodog and related charity.
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