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Serinda Swan; born July 11, 1984, Vancouver – Canadian actress and model. Ji Serinda Swan was born July 11, 1984 in Vancouver, Canada. Her mother – actress, his father – the director of the theater, the sister – model. The name “Serinda” comes from an ancient Tibetan instrument similar to a flute. She started her career as a fashion model since 2005 began to act in films. In 2010 Serinda shot for beachwear collection designer Anna Kusturovoy, as well as for «Maxim» magazine. She starred in a small role for the series “Hawaii 5-0”. From 2011 to 2012, he played a major role in the TV series “Breakout Kings”. Since 2013, he starred in the TV series “Graceland.” Single. He lives in the United States.
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