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Serena Grandi; pres. Serena Fadzholi name; b. March 23, 1958, Bologna, Italy – Italian actress, sex symbol 1980-1990. Acting career began in 1980 with the participation in the comedy «La Compagna di viaggio» director Ferdinando Baldi. In his first films shown under the pseudonym Vanessa Steiger (hereinafter acted under the name Serena Grandi, ie Serena Majestic). The first major role came in the same in 1980, when Serena played the role of Maggie in the horror film “cannibalism,” directed by Joe D’Amato. World renown brought Serena participate in erotic films mainly Italian director Tinto Brass, the first of which was called “Miranda”. The shooting of this film made her an idol not only throughout Italy, but also of sex symbol of the era. Serena Grandi became known for explicit scenes in films and photographs in magazines. The peak of creativity came in the 1980s, in which Serena starred in almost 20 films, including the erotic melodrama and comedy. In the 1990s, Serena Grandi continues to act, as well as participating in various TV shows. In 2003, she was arrested on suspicion of the use and possession of drugs. In 2004 he participated in the reality show “The Restaurant” on the Italian TV channel «Raiuno». It made its debut in Rome as a writer with the novel «L’amante del federale» March 26, 2006. She was married to Beppo Ercole. There is a son Eduardo.
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