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Leila Knight (December 24, 1986, Texas) is a great and talented gymnast in East Bay in northern California. She continued her passion for natural gymnastics at a young age, competing under the middle school and high school, and finally teaching for 8 years. Charity Work, has always been a priority in the life of this model. Leila was a member of PETA, since 2001, and offered voluntarily, without end, almost all the children charity or animal existence. Her passion is to help as many children and animals that may be in this life. After growth in the Gulf region, Leila lived in Los Angeles for 6 years with her fiance, Jose Canseco, the former superstar league. Leila and Joseph moved to Las Vegas, where they live today. Leila has been successful, making its brand in various areas of the entertainment industry. Due to its large pool, gymnastics, modeling, fitness, and work, the trick was the way of the inevitable. Also to be found in numerous calendars swimwear, TV shows, movies, music videos, commercial, infomerciales fitness program and training videos. Leila has completed more than 30 calendars “bikini” (including “Swimsuit USA, Hawaiian Tropic, and Dream Girls Calendar. She is the founder and owner of Premiere Models and Talent Management, based on. Also director entertainment future husband, Jose Canseco. read more