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Jasmine Lynn Waltz  was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. The only daughter, survived the suicide of his father has followed no mother, only to future uncertainty. He lived inside and outside the group homes and shelters, as long as the event landed in maximum safety school girls at a young age of 16. After starting two years later, she began to search for a new and better life for themselves. We lived in 8 different cities, Jasmine gradually turned to Miami and began to model and operate on a commercial basis. Also he studied at the College of Performing Arts for three years, working nights at local clubs to pay their way through school. Once completed, goes to Los Angeles, and did not take long to notice that Hollywood is a beautiful brunette with a restless personality, and outgoing. Soon there was a movie, television and commercial work, together with an increase in attention from the media. Jasmine is now on the verge of a career, drawing to his past, to help guide it toward a brighter future. read more