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Caroline Wozniacki, Pol. Karolina Woźniacka; born July 11, 1990 in Odense, Denmark – Danish tennis player of Polish origin; former first racket of the world in singles; finalist two Grand Slam singles titles (US Open 2009 championship, -2014); winner of 27 tournaments WTA (25 of them singles); winner of a junior Grand Slam tournament singles titles (Wimbledon 2006); the winner of a single tournament Orange Bowl (2005); The former second racket of the world in the junior rankings. Carolina – hereditary athlete: her father Peter played at a professional level in football, and his mother Anna worked voleybolom.Oba they were born in Poland and are citizens of this state, but over time settled in Denmark, where they were born their children: Caroline and Patrick. Subsequently, both children were sent into the sport: Patrick, like his father, tried his hand in football; Carolina and in seven years has led to the tennis court, where she soon became involved in the care of Peter. Later, choosing a potential life partner, Caroline began to meet with the British golfer Rory Makilroyem; frequenting his speech. The couple was engaged, but broke up shortly before the wedding. Wozniacki is fluent in Polish, Danish, English and Russian languages. Through its sporting successes Dane often flashed in various commercials and was the “face” of this or that brand of clothing. Game Carolina style is rather contradictory emotions of tennis fans, she prefers to perform protective actions at the back of the line, with plenty of polusvechek and cutting strokes. A distinctive feature of the game it is a small amount of their own mistakes in the performance of a strike. Wozniacki also has a good, variability and supply a dangerous blow to the backhand: particularly effective backhand down the line. Danish favorite surface is hard. read more