Sofia Richie Sexy (38 Photos)

Sexy photos of Sofia Richie.
Sofia Richie is known not only as a woman, which in recent years are often seen with Justin Bieber. In honor of the birth of Sophia, we have prepared a number of facts about it to you that you could not know. Sofia Richie is the sister of actress and model Nicole Richie and daughter of the famous actor Lionel Richie. Last year, Madonna announced that Sofia will become the new face of her clothing line Material Girl. Before Sofia has her eye on Bieber, she met aspiring actor Jake Andrews. Sofia several times appeared in the reality show sister Nicole #CandidlyNicole. As a child, Sofia bought clothes in the men’s stores. This summer Justin Sofia and visited the Japanese capital, Tokyo, where they were pursued by paparazzi everywhere and did not give rest. One even told reporters that because of the obsessive Sofia journalists will not be able to construct an adequate relationship with Bieber, and in the end everything will come to naught. By the way, one of the closest friends of Sofia – a popular singer Pia Mia, from which they took off in 2012 with an extremely sentimental video, a cover of Adele Turing Tables. Also among the stellar friends Sofia representative of the family Kardashian-Jenner Kylie Jenner. They often go to a party in Los Angeles together. In 2013, Sophia starred in a music video Samantha Ronson Summer of Sam. In Instagram in Sofia for more than 1 million subscribers, it is very popular!

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