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Sinitta Renet Malone; October 19, 1963, Seattle, Washington, United States – American singer and songwriter. Rene Sinitta Malone was born October 19, 1963 in Seattle (WA, USA) in a family of Anthony Blackett and actress Michele Brown (Eng.) Russian. (Rod.1945), who were divorced in 1973. In Sinitty has a twin sister Greta Malone, who was adopted by their aunt, and she Sinitta was in an orphanage until 1974, until her mother could cope with the child. Sinitta started her music career in 1981 and in 1995 she released three music albums: 1987: Sinitta! 1989: Wicked 1995: Naughty Naughty. In the 2002-2010 year, Sinitta was married to businessman Andy Willner (rod.1960). In the former spouses have two adopted children – daughter Magdalena Willner (rod.2005) and son Zach Willner (rod.2006)
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