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Shannen Maria Doherty [doʊ.ərti]; b. April 12, 1971 – American actress, best known for his roles in the TV series Brenda Walsh “Beverly Hills, 90210” and Prue Halliwell in “Charmed” series. In 2003, the actress has become the leading first season of the reality show “Cruel Intentions” on «Sci Fi Channel» channel. After leaving the show, the actress received a big role in the soap opera “North Shore”, where the actress starred as Alexandra Hudson from 2004 to 2005. Later in 2005 she starred in the pilot episode of the show “Love Inc.» – the series has been extended, but the actress replaced. As a result, the show lasted on the air all season. Soon the actress co-produced and starred in the reality show “Divorce with Shannen Doherty”, which debuted on the Oxygen channel in 2006. In his show actress did the “dirty work” for different people, for example, parted with her boyfriend and told the heroes that of them think their friends. The show was closed after the first season because of low ratings. In addition, she played in the British sitcom “Bo in the Americas”, which is part of the show “Bo Selecta” – she got the role of a clever daughter Abida Merrion, played by Lee Francis. Later, she played herself, allegedly seduced the hero Avida. season premiere involving Doherty was held in October 2005 on channel Channel 4. In 2006, he took the 5th place in the list of “100 most legendary youth idols” according to VH1 channel. In 2007, the actress appeared in two TV projects – in the pilot channel here! under the name “Delphi effect” has not received an order for a complete show, as well as in the family film “Christmas prank” channel ABC Family. In the same year she founded the production company «No Apologies», in which the actress has developed projects for themselves. In 2007, the actress took 96 th place in the list of “100 Greatest TV icons” according to Entertainment Weekly magazine. In 2008 she appeared in the second episode of the fourth season of the Swedish TV show “High chaparral” (eng. High Chaparall). After 14 years after leaving the show “Beverly Hills, 90210,” the fall of 2008 the actress returns to the role of Brenda Walsh in the spin-off, “90210”. The CW channel bosses paid actress at $ 40-50 thousand for participation in each of the eight episodes of the first season. Initially, the contract was intended to take part in five episodes, but ratings of the series with the actress showed good results, and in the guest role Doherty starred in three more runs. In the story, Brenda becomes the director of a school version of the musical “Spring Awakening.” The actress starred in two more episodes of inter-season and appeared in the final of the first season in May 2009. Writers have brought to the screen with Doherty Jennie Garth, who also played the character Kelly Taylor from the original series. Between heroines again stands a man in the face of a young teacher Ryan Matthews, played by Ryan Eggold. In addition, in 2008, the actress starred opposite Dylan McDermott in the independent film “Burning Palms” ridicules the stereotypes about the inhabitants of Los Angeles. In the same year, Doherty starred in the sci-fi film SciFi Channel called “Treasure of the Aztecs” – premiered on 20 December 2008 on the cable channel. In 2009, the actress became art director of a glossy tabloid «Pasadena», Kojima, and is to this day. In 2010, Doherty announced that it has started to write his first book, which will contain the autobiography of the actress. Also he starred Shannen “Dancing with the Stars” project in the tenth season, where her partner was a two-time winner of the show, Mark Ballas. The season premiere on 22 March 2010. A pair of “flew” with the project for the second week of March 30th. Also, according to the actress, she dedicated part in the show to his deceased father. Doherty returned in the season finale. June 3, 2010 saw the light of the animated web series FEARnet site called “Marie-Kari” – the show tells the story of two sisters-twins, one of which – the ghost. Doherty voiced both sisters in eight episodes. July 21, 2011 WE tv channel announced that shortly after becoming engaged to photographer Kurt Isvarinko, will be aired a reality show about actress preparing for his own wedding, called “So said Shannen”. The premiere of the show took place in April 2012, but did not quite get high rankings. In 2012, Doherty became the representative of the organization «Education Connection». In July 2014 it was announced that Shannen with his girlfriend Holly Marie Combs withdraw his reality show “Lost Territory with Shannen and Holly,” which will visit not the most popular, but exciting US location. The premiere took place on January 2, 2015 on the American television channel Great American Country. Shannen was married three times, the actress has no children. The first husband of actress – Ashley Hamilton (born 1974)., A musician and son of actor George Hamilton.
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