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Serena Jameka Williams, b. September 26, 1981, Saginaw, Michigan – American professional tennis player, the younger sister of Venus Williams. In addition to tennis, Serena has been producing sportswear (brand Aneres Designs). It also works with Nike firms and HSN, developing for the last line of handbags and jewelry Serena Williams Signature Statement. A significant portion of the proceeds Williams excess money received from participating in the tournament, it receives from advertising contracts with companies of sportswear and equipment, among which at various times were Puma, Reebok and Nike [90]. Already in the 16 years it has signed its first contract with Puma. This happened before the Puma launched its own line of tennis clothing, so that at first Serena picked up the form individually, even after bringing it to the design itself. [91] At different stages of career, she has repeatedly attracted the attention of not only his game, but also clothes on the court. Shape Magazine calls as the three most memorable outfits Serena black Lycra Catsuit – fitting suit from the company of Puma, emphasizes its form at the US Open 2002 championship year, denim skirt by Nike and poisonous pink skin-tight body suit, demonstrated it in 2011. read more