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Olga Budina (born February 22, 1975, Odintsovo.) – Russian film and stage actress, singer romances, winner of the State Prize of Russia (2001). The first role of Olga Budina in professional cinema was the role of Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna in the film Gleb Panfilov’s “The Romanovs. Imperial Family, “which she played as a student of the fourth course. Due to the filming of “The Romanovs. Crowned Family “Olga Budina missed shows in Moscow theaters, and at the end of the Shchukin School, in 1997, she was unable to do any one of them. She played bit parts in movies, starred in the TV series “Simple Truth”, “D.D.D. Dossier detective Dubrovsky “,” Check “,” Directory of death “,” Do not send us a messenger …? “Et al., And also took part in the” Bis “humorous television program. In 2004, Olga Budina married businessman Alexander Naumov, who was much older than the actress. In 2006, the marriage broke up. One has a son Nahum, born in 2004. read more